Our mission is to offer a tailor-made yacht preparation service prior to the start of the project. Our teams provide reactive and adapted follow-up throughout the project. A well-prepared and well-managed project helps reduce any anxiety that can be generated by conversion or maintenance work.

We work in advance, on-plan and on-site, so the project can start as soon as the boat arrives at the dock. We adapt our solutions and services of internal or external protection according to the nature of the risks (knocks, scratches, dust, humidity, corrosive products), and the duration of the planned work.
The first step to ensure the smooth running of the project is the realization of an initial assessment and inventory. The inventory of fixtures can be carried out by marking any defects on surfaces or a complete report, subject to your requirements.
Our team takes care of all project protection according to the specifications and a controlled schedule. We identify and carry out an appropriate marking of all accesses, dangers and utilities
We offer a cleaning and on-going project monitoring service. Because cleaning is an integral part of reducing the risk of damage, we work before, during and at the end of the project.

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