Our mission is to offer a tailor-made project preparation service. Our teams provide reactive and adapted follow-up throughout the project. A well-prepared and well-managed project helps reduce any anxiety that can be generated by conversion or maintenance work.

Interior Protection

We protect the interior fittings (varnished woodwork, mats, carpets, furniture, leather, works of art) against the usual damage risks throughout the project.
(Knocks, dust, humidity, spray, odours)

Exterior protection

During a project, exterior surfaces are particularly exposed to damage risk, through friction, impacts, intensive traffic or grease stains. We protect all types of surfaces : teak, stainless steel, paint, glazing, and anti-slip paintsagainst typical abrasions and also severe weather.
Y-Pack innovation
We protect the deck with draining outdoor carpet; our patented repositionable and reusable securing system consists of binding strips and weights to resist the weather.

Efficient drainage without the use of adhesives, faster drying times
• Repositionable (for intermediate washing and temporary access for simplified deck joint repairs)
• Waste reduction, simplified recycling
• Leaves no trace of adhesives on deck.

On the front line during renovation or maintenance projects, the passageways are statistically the most exposed to damage due to intensive traffic. Good safeguarding of the passage areas is the basis of protection.


We carry out special containment for hot work, cutting operations, polishing, pumping and other work.
Containment materials for hot work are certified, fire resistant or non-combustible (M1, M0) in accordance with regulations

Protect Cleaning

Our meticulous cleaning makes it possible to establish a condition report of surfaces and fittings and establish a list of potential work required. The cleaning is done by Yachting experts.
Regular interventions validate the level of protection put in place. Maintaining a clean project reduces any safety risks and damage.
An integral clean allows the final stages of the project to be more fluid and to return to the crew a boat in running order