Measured by science

ProTech® 3D+ treatment is applied in 3 phases exclusively by our certified Y-Pack technicians using dedicated equipment.

Phase 01

Decontamination of surfaces to improve treatment adherence.

Phase 02

Application of a protective layer to combat aging and enhance the brilliance of painted surface

Phase 03

Application of an active hydrophobic/oleophobic covering to guarantee an anti-adherent and anti-soiling effect.

Preparation prior to treatment

On paint or gelcoat that has not been treated from the beginning, a renovation treatment is necessary before applying the 3D+ paint treatment
We work to remove imperfections, erase the wear of time and give back gloss to painted surfaces.
Before commencing, we will analyse together the work to be done and the level of performance you expect. We will indicate any defects that cannot be treated and that would require a painting job.



Laboratory measurements performed by Drop Shape Analyzer DSA30 according to ASTM D7334-08. Angle formed by a drop of water or oil (hexadecane) deposited on a surface.

The angle formed by the drop reveals the ability of the surface to repel the liquid. Hydrophobic for water, oleophobic for oils. These measurements express the anti-adherent and anti-soiling performance of the treatment.


To demonstrate the resistance of ProTech® treatment to the aggression of time, we subjected it to the most demanding tests.

One of them, the Weather-O-Meter (WOM) test from one of the world’s largest laboratories, exposed the ProTech® treatment to the most extreme weather conditions. In these extreme conditions, ProTech® coated painted surfaces experienced no loss of brightness visible to the naked eye.


We’ve been testing dozens of products under real-life conditions and in the lab for months to offer you the best permanent protection service
We chose our partner, ProTech Monte-Carlo ProTech Monte-Carlo
• For their 25 years of experience ,
• For their professional approach to the process.
• For their internalised R & D, with direct links to the applicators in their centres
• For certified and proven results by independent laboratories
ProTech is revolutionizing the protection of painted surfaces with a radically different treatment of ceramics offering hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-aging protection.


Application of the treatment using special polishing machines by certified technicians
ProTech products have been tested and the results certified by the AkzoNobel Laboratory. (lien vers résultats certifiés)
ProTech treatment is approved by Boeing & Airbus.

The 2-year guarantee is subject to a check visit at the end of the 12-month period. The visit assesses the condition of the surfaces and provides our best maintenance tips to extend the life of the treatment beyond the warranty period. In case of application of a revision layer, the guarantee can be renewed beyond the 2 years.
Once the treatment is done, you will receive training and a maintenance schedule in order to preserve the properties of your long-term treatment.
The Yacht care pack is given to you free of charge following the treatment. It includes all the products and accessories necessary for maintenance during one season.
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