On new paint, the treatment is less expensive because the paint correction and polishing step is reduced to a minimum. The sooner the treatment is applied in the cycle, the more the shade and depth will be retained over time.
The long-term treatment was tested by the independent AKZO NOBEL laboratory, which is also the owner of the AWLGRIP & AWLCRAFT paint brands.
The aging tests performed according to ISO11341 demonstrate the effectiveness of ProTech® long-term protection on paints. The test demonstrates the UV resistance and the durability of the gloss of the treatment. Treated surfaces lose less than 3% gloss over 4 years while untreated paint loses up to 30% gloss.
Unfortunately, there is no real solution to protect against scratches. However, micro-scratches are often contained in the thickness of the layer and can be repaired easily by applying a ProTech maintenance product
No particular step or product is needed other than the normal paint preparation. This is important because alterations are also part of the routine maintenance of a yacht. In addition, the long-term protection can be applied locally after this step.
A yacht undergoes very different operating and environmental cycles depending on the program.
That’s why we offer a 2-year guarantee subject to a control visit at the end of the first year. This visit assesses the condition of the surfaces and provides our advice to extend the life of the treatment beyond the warranty period.
Depending on the maintenance methods, areas and wash cycles, a revision treatment may sometimes be necessary. In this case the warranty will be renewed by one year.
For example, the long-term treatment is the only product on the automotive market to be guaranteed 5 years without requiring a revision layer.
Teflon is a registered trademark of DuPont and has no connection with ProTech®.
No, ProTech® is a unique complex chemical formula.
This is the only treatment in the world that has been subjected to an aging test under ISO and has scientifically proven that it really lasts.
In addition, ProTech® brings a real aesthetic solution with protection and simple methods for routine maintenance.

No Protech treatment is not a ceramic treatment but a unique formulation from the ProTech Monte Carlo research laboratory.
This formulation, unlike ceramics, does not require any acid that may damage other surfaces before touching up. The slippery silky effect is very different from ceramics that over time lose their effect and can be tricky to clean.

On Yachts, for reasons of simplification of warranties, it is often preferred to wait for the end of the initial guarantee of the paint, so as not to cover the warranty periods. However, in our opinion, we do not see any incompatibility with our warranty.
We provide a written guarantee covering the shine and colour of the paint.
As you know, the best original paints on the market do not stand up to the aggressions of time. ProTech has demonstrated that its treatment, applied by its experts, has a high resistance to wear. A ProTech-treated paint ages 10 times slower than an untreated paint.
In addition, your paint will better resist daily aggressions. And you will discover revolutionary and easy washing methods.

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