A True protective shield, ProTech® 3D+ treatment, 9 microns thick, refines the deep colour, extreme brilliance and freshness of your painted finish.

The repellent properties keep the painted surfaces clean longer and ensure effortless cleaning.


Surfaces can be extremely slippery. Water slides on the treated paint, and drying is faster. Washing time and water consumption is greatly reduced.


The treatment considerably slows down the build-up of oil and dirt pollution. Treated surfaces stay clean longer. Less washing, more time for the important things.


Treated paint ages 10 times slower than an untreated paint. Colours are more intense, surfaces are brighter. Brilliance is maintained.

Effective protection against UV, calcification, salt, bird droppings stains, sunscreen, cleaning products, acid rains, hydrocarbon deposits, marks from exhaust fumes, etc.

3D+ Treatment properties
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